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Potty Training just got easier and more convenient with our Dog Lawn! Avoid the mess of using potty pads and mats at home and train your puppy with a dog lawn which is the most natural way for pets to pee or poop!

Indoor Potty Solution: Live in an apartment? Bad weather? Short of time? Our indoor potty solution will ensure you can take your pet for their bathroom break inside the house on the dog lawn!

Convenience: Your pets that are used to peeing on the grass, will immediately feel comfortable with our Dog Lawn and it is super easy and convenient for you to clean and maintain!

Be satisfied knowing that your dog can now go at any time of the day without any hassle!

Odor-free: No more stinky and soggy puppy poop pads! The grass and tray are easy to clean. Say bye to the urine smell!

3-Layer Mechanism: The 1st top layer is made of soft grass that is made in a way that allows liquid pee to pass through to the second layer. The 2nd layer has a grid design that captures and directs pee into the collection tray. The 3rd layer collects all the waste to be cleaned. This allows your pet to comfortably relax on the top grass layer!


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